5 Ways 星巴克 Lures Customers 在


星巴克徽标As I write this 文章 I am sitting at 星巴克, and sipping on a 大派克广场with no cream or sugar. Today I had no reason to stop at this particular 星巴克. Plainly put, it was a want. I was on my way to training this morning, and I wanted to grab some coffee and work on my blog post. So 星巴克 seemed like the ideal place to stop.


  • –当您走进星巴克时,咖啡的香气突然扑鼻而来,就像海风一样。尤其是早上7点大开眼界 当您仍在尝试唤醒时。就个人而言,我认为星巴克需要用这种香气制造古龙水,因为1)它闻到了怪异的真棒,2)它可以帮助唤醒您。 :)想要证明吗?那么您最近是否访问过较新的Targets?您是否注意到几乎所有星巴克都在商店的门前?  不知道是不是因为有香气?嗯…
  • 免费WiFi –你有问题吗?如果没有免费的互联网,您会去星巴克吗? 我假设大约30-50%的人在 Starbucks 这样做是为了上网。放松,浏览网页,撰写博客文章(;))或在笔记本电脑前开展业务可能是一个好地方。同样,这也是吸引客户进入并停留一段时间的另一个原因。
  • 大气层 –你有没有去过 沃尔玛 ,然后进入Whole Foods,只是观察顾客和店员的肢体语言和态度?如果您问我,两种环境之间的差异很大。人们在 全食 喜欢在那里…in the same context when you visit 星巴克 you notice people are genuinally happy to be there too. Both from a customer and clerk perspective. Again, it all contributes to the customers experience and attractiveness of 星巴克.
  • 人气度 – have you recently noticed that 星巴克 changed their logo to the above symbol? Ya they no longer have their company name on their logo, because they feel like their logo is a signal of the world's finest coffee. “我们的新发展将警笛从外圈解放出来,使她成为星巴克真实,热情的面孔。对于全世界的人们来说,她代表着世界上最好的咖啡-还有更多。她站不住脚,分享我们的故事,邀请我们所有人一起探索,发现新事物并彼此联系。和往常一样,她敦促我们所有人前进到下一件事。毕竟,谁能抗拒她?
  • 好咖啡 –  at the premise of why people come to 星巴克 is their good coffee. For me –而且我没有得到这样的报酬– 星巴克 has the best coffee. Believe me, I'd much rather go to McDonalds and buy a coffee at half the price, but it really doesn't taste the same.


所以如果我要量化 how much each “lure” costs me for 我的$ 2.15大派克之地 这是我的估计:

大派克广场– $2.15

  • 闻– 20% – $0.43
  • 免费WiFi– 5% – $0.11
  • 大气层– 25% – $0.54
  • 人气度– 40% – $0.86
  • 好咖啡– 5% – $0.11

I know this quantified cost is completely subjective, but really when you buy 星巴克 coffee you are paying for that status symbol and atmosphere.

So there are just a few of the reasons of how I think 星巴克 饵s in customers. How do you think 星巴克 饵s in customers? Do you visit 星巴克? 为什么或者为什么不?




  1. I go to 星巴克 for one thing only. A double chocolate brownie to go. Love them and have an ongoing battle to ration those calories. The coffee smell is divine though and makes a nice mix.

  2. @詹妮弗– that is really interesting. Do you know if 星巴克 has ever thought about making a cologne?

    @丽莲– you couldn’不要抗拒,因为他们’我还对汽车进行了编程,使其也可以在那里行驶’的香气也加油了! :)

  3. Fudge, and I went to 星巴克 this morning for a Strawberries & Creme…我想知道我现在是否被吸引来像一只幼稚的小羊羔。

  4. I worked for 星巴克 for several years, and I can tell you that the company works its collective tail off to ensure that customers have lots of unconscious cues to draw them further into a store.

    The classic example was when 星巴克 first rolled out hot breakfast sandwiches a few years ago —然后将烤箱彻底翻新,因为三明治中奶酪的味道与咖啡的香气竞争!


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