What is 第三方 Car 在 surance?

虽然在澳大利亚对汽车保险有标准的法律要求,但有各种保险级别,以确保您的汽车在法律要求的范围内得到充分的保险。第三方 汽车保险 是车主可以购买的最便宜的汽车保险类型。它被称为“Third Party”因为保险单不包括前两方;被保险人(保单持有人)和保险人(保险公司)。第三方汽车保险符合大多数州的最低要求。  

What is 第三方 汽车保险?

在任何典型的保险合同中,都有两个参与方。被保险人是采取保险单的人,保险人提供保险。的“third party” is someone who suffers damage or injury as a result of the actions caused by the insured, which is what 第三方 汽车保险 covers. This type of 保险 policy differs from collision or comprehensive 汽车保险 policies in such a way that the insured is not compensated for the loss that occurred.

第三方汽车保险 赔偿因您的疏忽行为导致您的汽车对他人造成的损害。换句话说,它在车主的责任与驾驶汽车的人有过错的事故中所涉及的任何其他人或财产之间担当了障碍。该保险范围适用于对他人或他人财产而非车辆所有人造成的损害。

The purpose and need for 第三方 汽车保险:


第三方汽车保险 coverage is important for anyone who is driving a car. There is a possibility that you could cause an auto accident, even if you consider yourself as a safe driver. Not taking enough auto coverage, you are putting yourself under risk and it will result in paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to the 第三方.



For instance, if you drove into the back of someone else's car and cause damage to the vehicle as well as to their garden wall, then the 第三方 保险 policy will pay to cover the cost involved in the damage and also meet any compensation payment.

However, taking a 第三方 汽车保险 will not cover the following damages





There are basically two types of 第三方 汽车保险 policy; bodily injury and property damage. Bodily injury coverage will be offered to a person who is hurt as a result of an accident that you cause; property damage coverage will pay for the damage caused to another person's vehicle by your car in the accident. Almost, all 澳大利亚领土 要求人们同时承担这两种类型的保险,尽管所需的最低金额可能有所不同。

Benefits of 第三方 汽车保险:

The key benefit of taking a 第三方 保险 policy is the premium cost. The premium cost is always less compared to a comprehensive 汽车保险 policy and is independent of the car value.

While there are too many vehicles on the road that are well worth insuring up to the full coverage amount, there are some vehicles that are either too damaged or too old to be worth the full cost of insuring, and in such instances, 第三方 汽车保险 policy is considered the best.

Finally, there is no cap on the compensation paid to the 第三方 injured or damaged.

How to get the best deal on your 第三方 汽车保险:

There are numerous ways to purchase a 第三方 汽车保险, but keeping the cost low while buying one is very important. Here are some tips to buy the best policy according to your requirements:


Compare various 第三方 汽车保险 quotes obtained from different private 保险 providers, to ensure you get a cheap deal. This will help you to purchase the right policy at the right price. Also, follow this procedure every time your policy is due for renewal.


The amount you pay for your 第三方 汽车保险 policy partly depends on which group your car belongs to. Nevertheless, to say, the lowest group of cars will be cheaper to insure. So, before purchasing your car, it is wise to check which group your car falls in. Doing so will prevent you from big surprises when it comes to paying your 保险 policy.




在澳大利亚,汽车保险是必要的,但价格昂贵。如果您曾经想过没有它可以节省一些钱,那么这里是一个便宜的选择– 第三方 汽车保险. Though 第三方 汽车保险 will not cover any of your personal damages or damages to your own car, it is essential to protect your financial assets and wellbeing.

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